Levon Hotakorzian

Optical Technician and Owner

Levon Hotakorzian, our Optical Technician is known and respected for his over 45 years of experience and knowledge in specialized fittings, repairs, and expertise in lens technology and the uniqueness of making spectacles on-site including diving masks, billiard/snooker spectacles, custom-made rimless and sport & swimming goggles.

Levon is one of those rare finds in the Optical industry.  He’s a consummate professional technician with a passion to never deliver “near enough is good enough”.

Having been introduced to optics as a teenager and completing his studies at RMIT (Melbourne), Levon gained an Apprenticeship at OPSM and then moved up the ladder and then moved on to become Victorian State Manager for Budget Eyewear and eventually realised his dream of opening up his own practice in Springvale.  Why did he choose Springvale you may ask?  Levon speaks 4 languages perfectly and manages admirably in another 3.  Census research revealed that Springvale was a hub of diverse nationalities where his multicultural skills would come in handy and so he purchased an old existing practice and converted it into a “destination store”.  Ably assisted by his daughter who was, at the time, studying Optical Dispensing as well, Levon established himself in Springvale – somewhat of an institution now.

He brings with his years of experience, an unmatched passion to tackle challenges and brings to the business, a uniqueness of “spectacles made on site”.

Levon immigrated to Australia in 1971, is married to Gloria and had a daughter, now deceased.

His hobbies include amateur theatrics, general knowledge and mixing cocktails.


Gloria Hotakorzian

Optical Dispenser and Owner

Gloria is relatively new to the Optical Industry, having joined Eye Society in 1997 (some 22 years ago).  With a Diploma of Business Administration, Gloria joined the business when things got busy and a third full-timer was required.  Leaving her long-time employment as a school administrator, Gloria found a new niche.  Whilst her background is in Office Management, her artistic flair and eye for shape, colour and style soon became a big drawcard for the business.  Gloria was finding more and more people asking specifically for her when it came to frame choice.

Gloria immigrated to Australia in 1963, is married to Levon.

Her hobbies include volunteer work, card making, movie trivia and cooking.

Our two consulting Optometrists are versed in all aspects of eye testing including behavioral, occupational, natural vision, visual field analysis, screen-based equipment testing, children’s vision, glaucoma screening, cataract detection, all facets of contact lenses and more.

Vivien Rutter

Vivien Rutter

Therapeutically-endorsed Optometrist and able to prescribe PBS Prescriptions

My name is Vivien and I have been an optometrist with Eyesociety for the past 21 years. I completed my degree in London, before working within independent practices in England, New Zealand and Melbourne.

I am passionate about eye-care and health. Every year I undertake 60 hours of continuing education and I have specialist qualifications in behavioural optometry, vision training, natural vision, and therapeutic medicine prescribing.

Outside of optometry, I love to bush walk and explore the diversity of wildlife that is uniquely Australian. I am a committed lap swimmer and love to cycle on the many bike tracks throughout our city.


Helen Higgins

Accredited myopia control contact lens practitioner


Helen graduated from Melbourne University and began private practise in 1986.  She has worked in a number of diverse practises including rural Victoria gaining a broad experience in Optometry.  Her special areas of interest are contact lenses, sports vision (including diving masks) and myopia control.  She is fluent in Greek and some Italian and experienced in testing patients with poor or no English.

Helen lives in Glen Waverley with her husband, Andy and their three children, Simon, Michael and Natasha.  She has been a keen scuba diver exploring the caves of Mt Gambier and the Nullarbor for 20 years and now during her holidays she can be found exploring remote areas of Australia in her camper trailer with her family.

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