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CONTACT LENSES are sourced from a variety of suppliers, dependant on customer needs.

  • the newest oxygen-efficient Smart Silicone one-day lenses
  • multifocal lenses
  • prescription coloured lenses
  • cosmetic colours

and the newest on the market

  • Myopia management lenses which allows children to see clearly while slowing down myopia progression by more than half!


Myopia or ‘shortsightedness’ causes blurred vision and usually starts during childhood and typically progresses until a child stops growing.  There are two main factors that can increase the risk of developing myopia – family history & lifestyle.

Having a parent who is myopic increases the likelihood of myopia.  Modern lifestyles such as low levels of outdoor activity, low levels of light exposure and prolonged near tasks such as reading and gaming on portable devices also increase the likelihood of myopia.

High myopia may lead to eye health risks later in life such as myopic degeneration, retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Myopia is forecast to such epidemic proportions, globally, that is estimated that by 2050, 50% of the world’s population will have myopia and 10% will have high myopia.

As Optometrists, it is important that we not only correct myopia with spectacles and/or contact lenses, but also take steps to slow the progression of myopia.

Contact lenses have now been developed as a treatment to slow the progression of myopia.  Over a 5-year period, research has shown that it slows the progression of myopia by over 50%.

To discuss this treatment further, please call us to arrange an appointment with our Optometrists.


DISCOVER THE NEW RELAXING LENSES DESIGNED FOR YOUR SCREEN USAGE.  An all-day lens that relaxes your eyes and your vision.  Sharper, clearer vision enhancing contrast by reducing blue-violet light.


  • Budget-priced multifocals
  • Occupational multifocals
  • Extended vision multifocals which allow seamless capture within arm’s length without compromising near or distance
  • New-age of Transitions. STYLE COLORS now available in Emerald Green, Sapphire, Amethyst & Amber as well as the traditional Grey, Green & Brown.
  • Xtractive Transitions for best extra sun-glare protection … even in the car
  • New kid on the block!!– STYLE MIRROS which also adapt to any light

For more details and to see what is best for your needs, ask in-store.

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